How it Works

How To Buy a Property from Roll let Inc.


What Are You Looking For ?

There are hundreds of inventory on our website you can select any ideal property  or you can call any of our care personnels and we will help you find a property at a location of your choices either for rent, sale or a lease, are care personnels are experienced brokers and marketers that are well vested into understanding your needs and helping you out.

Need Funding ? Let Help you with our Mortgage

If you are looking to buy a property  but don’t have the lump sum for it, our home load (mortgage) can help you secure funding from any for the banks or Leanders for the property and you pay withing a period of 5 to 30 years  and  we try to get you best rate on the market and we are vested into getting your the best leanders and rate with flexible payment terms 

We Close the deal

Handling the needed document is very key and the need research is very helpful we do the necessary things first before any property is listed on our website, so you are assured for a litigation free accusations.


Call us for a free listing

Getting property to the market should not cost you, we at Roll Let handles the marketing of your property and you only pay us an agreed percentage after the said property is sold out 

We visit the property

A team from roll Let will visit your site to ensure the state of the said property after which you proceed with your listing 

What Do We Need To Get Your Property Listed 

We will need Pictures, building plan, Tour video and a 3D tour, depending on the property type we will need the a properat document.

You make the final decision

All we do is to get you a perfect client, and you make the final decision is made with you. 

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